Unit Title Changes

There have been amendments to the unit titles legislation in New Zealand that partly come into effect on 9 May 2023. These changes will impact anybody who owns a unit title or who is involved in the management of a body corporate. The changes are intended to provide greater protection for those owning units and looking to buy. There are several reasons for the changes which include: 

  • Improving the way information is provided to prospective buyers of units. Vendor’s will need to provide a wider range of information to prospective buyers.
  • Strengthening the rules around how a body corporate is governed.
  • There will be higher standards for body corporate managers.
  • Making sure there is adequate planning and funding for long-term maintenance.
  • Introducing a new dispute resolution process.
  • Providing the regulator with new enforcement tools to support compliance with the Act.

For more information or questions on the changes please contact us.

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