Water Services Act

The Water Services Act 2021 (the Act) establishes drinking water standards and regulates all persons and organisations that supply drinking water. The act applies to those who supply water to more than one household. This means the average rural scheme that is owner operated and that traditionally may have operated on an informal basis, is captured by the requirements. If you supply irrigation water but this is being used for domestic supply, you may also be captured. Some of the requirements include:

  • Needing to register the supply with Taumata Arowai (New Zealand’s Water Regulating Entity).
  • Providing sufficient quantities of drinking water.
  • Having a drinking water safety plan.
  • Notifying Taumata Arowai and local authorities of any risk or hazard to the water.
  • Maintaining records of supply, compliance, and monitoring.
  • Providing specified information and a complaints process for those consuming water.
  • Paying fees and levies as Taumata Arowai require.

If you have questions in relation to your water supply, please contact our property experts.

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